Agarose LE Tablets


Molecular biology grade agarose tablets. List prices $145.00-$439.00.




Molecular biology grade agarose LE tablets.

Benchmark Scientific Agarose LE 0.5 g tablets dissolve in buffer in 2 minutes.

Agarose LE tablets are used for standard nucleic acid electrophoresis where recovery of DNA or RNA is not required (use Agarose LM, Cat # AG0300) and where small fragments (20-50 bp) need not be resolved (use Agarose HR, Cat # AG0400).

Available in 1,000 tablet (500 g) and 200 tablet (100 g) sizes.  

Agarose LE tablets have low EEO (electroendosmosis, ≤0.13), allowing for sharp DNA banding and high resolution.  Organic solvent, DNase, RNase, and protease free.

Try our 8 tablet (4 g) sample pack available in the drop down menu above.  Please just pay our $5 shipping.

Benchmark Scientific Catalog # A2501 (200 tablets), A2505 (1,000 tablets).

Excellent alternative to Amresco® Agarose I™ Tablets (K857-1000TABS or K857-100TABS).

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