Celltreat 1.5 mL Minicentrifuge Tubes


Sterile 1.5 mL Micro Centrifuge Tubes. List Price $38.00 (pack), $170.00 (case).



Celltreat 1.5 mL Minicentrifuge Tubes, Sterile.

Celltreat 1.5 mL minicentrifuge tubes have a max Relative Centrifugal Force (RCF) of 20,000 x g and withstand temperatures ranging from -80°C up to 120°C.

Microtubes are made of high clarity polypropylene and have an easy open and close flat top cap.  Graduated from 0.1 mL to 1.5 mL.  Frosted marking spot.  Sterile.

Available 1,000 tubes/pack (2 packs of 500 tubes) or 5,000 tubes/case (5 packs of 1,000 tubes).  Select quantity in the drop down menu.

High quality, cost effective choice for sample preparation and storage in the lab, and presterilized and ready for use in the cell culture hood.

Celltreat cat # 229442 (pack) & 229443 (case).

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