Celltreat 10 mL Serological Pipettes, Individually Wrapped


Disposable, sterile 10 mL serological pipettes for cell culture.  200/case. List Prices $59.00 (bags), $63.00 (cartons).



10 mL Serological Pipettes for Cell Culture.

Celltreat Scientific brand 10 mL serological pipettes are individually-wrapped in paper and plastic.  Made of high clarity polystyrene with bold graduations, allowing the user to clearly see demarcations through dark-colored media and reagents.

Individually wrapped.  Available packed in bags, 50/bag, or packed in dispenser cartons, 100/carton (select in dropdown menu).  200/case.

Standard direction graduations (i.e. 0 mL to 10 mL, top to bottom) and reverse graduations (i.e. 10 mL to 0 mL, top to bottom).  Negative graduations through 3 mL (i.e. extra capacity above the 10 mL fill line).  0.1 mL incriments.

Filter plug.  Color-coded.  Gamma sterilized.

Excellent cost saving alternative to BD Falcon™ (Cat # 357551) and Corning Costar® (Cat # 4488) serological pipettes.

Celltreat Cat # 229210B (bags), 229210 (cartons).

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