Accuris Taq Plus DNA Polymerase


Accuris Taq Plus DNA Polymerase: Hot Start Taq with Pfu polymerase added for proofreading activity (5X the accuracy of unmodified Taq Pol). Comes available as enzyme + buffer, separated, or in Master Mix form.

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Accuris Taq Plus DNA Polymerase is a Hot Start Taq with added Pfu polymerase that provides proofreading activity (i.e. 3′ to 5′ exonuclease activity).

Accuris Taq Plus has a DNA replication accuracy 5X that of unmodified Taq Polymerase, making it good for use amplifying long DNA sequences with good accuracy.

Accuris Taq Plus leaves amplified DNA ends with dA overhangs (i.e. sticky ends).

Hot Start polymerase has a monoclonal antibody bound to it that prevents enzymatic activity; this allows the user to set up PCRs at room temperature without non-specific DNA amplification occurring.
The monoclonal antibody is denatured (inactivated), and therefore polymerase activated, by running an initial thermocycler incubation for 1-2 minutes at 95°C.

Taq Plus DNA Polymerase comes available as:

Taq Pol and 5X buffer (containing 15 mM MgCl2 and PCR enhancers), separated in two tubes:

  • 50 units sample size (5 U/uL), 10 uL Taq Plus + buffer (Accuris cat # PR1000-TP-S)
  • 250 units (5 U/uL), 50 uL Taq Plus + buffer (Accuris cat # PR1000-TP-250)
  • 500 units (5 U/uL), 100 uL Taq Plus + buffer (Accuris cat # PR1000-TP-500)

2X Master Mix (containing 6 mM MgCl2, 2 mM dNTPs and PCR enhancers):

  • 20 reactions sample size (50 uL total rxn volume) / 40 reactions (25 uL total rxn volume), 500 uL (Accuris cat # PR1001-TP-S)
  • 200 reactions (50 uL total rxn volume) / 400 reactions (25 uL total rxn volume), 5 mL (Accuris cat # PR1001-TP-200)
  • 1000 reactions (50 uL total rxn volume) / 2000 reactions (25 uL total rxn volume), 25 mL (Accuris cat # PR1001-TP-1000)

Accuris Taq Plus DNA Polymerase Protocol.pdf

Accuris Taq Plus DNA Polymerase Master Mix Protocol.pdf

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Taq Pol and 5X buffer, 2X Master Mix

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50 units (sample size), 250 units, 500 units, 20 reactions (sample size), 200 reactions, 1000 reactions