Celltreat Colored Cap 50 mL Centrifuge Tubes


Celltreat Colored Cap 50 mL Centrifuge Tubes are available with blue, purple, red, yellow or assorted colored caps (blue, purple, red, yellow, green). Assorted color case comes with free plastic tube rack (pictured). Packed in zip-close bags. 500 tubes/case. List Price $204.00 (blue, purple, red, yellow), List Price $216.00 (assorted colored caps).

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Celltreat Colored Cap 50 mL Centrifuge Tubes.  Packed in bags and available with 5 different cap colors.

According to Celltreat, “Users report coding each color to a day of the week, a member of the lab, or a specific procedure.”

Celltreat 50 mL colored cap centrifuge tubes are available with caps of the following colors: Blue, Purple, Red and Yellow (select in dropdown menu).

50 mL colored cap conical tubes are also available for purchase with Assorted Colored caps; this choice includes tubes with blue, purple, red, yellow and green caps.  Each assorted colored cap case includes 4 bags of tubes with caps of each available color (sorted by color, 20 total bags), 25 tubes/bag, 500 tubes/case.  Also included with the purchase of an assorted color case is a plastic tube rack (pictured).

Celltreat Scientific 50 mL colored cap centrifuge tubes are manufactured of high quality polypropylene, providing excellent clarity, and flat top caps of HDPE.  50 mL conical bottom tubes have a max Relative Centrifugal Force (RCF) of 16,000 x g and withstand temperatures ranging from -80°C to 120°C.

50 mL conical tubes have bold printed graduations at 2.5 mL increments, making it easy to see demarkations through dark colored media, for example.  50mL centrifuge tubes have molded graduations at the bottom of the tube and a large white marking area.

Sterile. DNase-and RNase-free and non-pyrogenic.  Bulk packed in zip-close bags, 25 tubes/bag, 20 bags/case.  500/case.

Celltreat Scientific catalog #230421B (blue caps), 230421P (purple caps), 230421R (red caps), 230421Y (yellow caps), 230421A (assorted color caps).

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