Celltreat 300 uL Pipette Tips Filtered


Celltreat universal fit filtered, racked 10 uL pipette tips. DNase and RNase free, sterile, low retention. 96 tips/rack, 10 boxes/case. List Price $98.00.

Filtered pipette tips help prevent contamination (see notes below).

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Celltreat universal fit filtered, racked 300 uL pipette tips are DNase and RNase free, sterile and low retention.

It is important to use filtered tips while setting up PCRs to prevent DNA contamination of the reactions. It is more important to use filtered tips while pipetting amplified DNA (into agarose gel wells).  This helps prevent pipettor shaft contamination with amplicons (ideally it is best to use a separate set of pipettors for setting up PCRs from the set used for sample addition during agarose gel electrphoresis).
It is also helpful to use filtered pipette tips during cell culture work and microbiology.
These filtered, low retention 300 uL pipette tips are compatible with the following brands of pipettors: Eppendorf Research (100 uL, 200 uL, 300 uL), Eppendorf Research Plus (100 uL, 200 uL), Gilson Pipetman (20 uL, 100 uL, 200 uL), Thermo Finnpipettes (200 uL), Sartorious Biohit Proline (200 uL) and Rainin Pipet Lite XLS (200 uL).
You may view the Pipette Tip Adapter Compatibility Guide attachment at the bottom.

Racked in yellow wafers in stackable boxes with hinged lids.  Graduated. Made of polypropylene. Autoclavable.

96 tips/rack, 10 boxes/case, 960 tips/case.

Celltreat catalog # 229020.

Celltreat Pipette Tip Compatibility Guide Morganville Scientific

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