Pyrex Lab Glass Staining Dish


Large and/or small Pyrex glass staining dishes. Perfect for staining protein or DNA gels or washing western blots.

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Large, Small Pyrex Glass Staining Dish for Use in the Lab.

Large Pyrex glass staining dish measures approximately 8.75 inches long x 6.75 inches wide x 2.75 inches deep (height) and holds 1.5 L liquid.

Small dish measures approximately 7.75 inches long x 5.75 inches wide x 1.75 inches deep (height) and holds 750 mL liquid.

2 dishes/pack.  2 Large, 2 Small or 1 Large 1 Small available for purchase.

Perfect dish for staining protein or DNA gels or washing western blots, for example.

Freezer, oven, microwave and diswasher safe.  Pyrex glass will not absorb odors and is stain resistant.

Metric measurement: Large dish measures approximately 22.2 cm long x 17.1 cm wide x 7 cm deep (height).

Small dish measures approximately 19.7 cm long x 14.6 cm wide x 4.4 cm deep (height).

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