Suppliers Catalogs

Below are links to Morganville Scientific suppliers’ websites (MTC Bio, Celltreat Scientific, Benchmark Scientific, Accuris Instruments and Eppendorf). It is best to view their product lines directly on their websites, as they are continuously adding new products and the websites are most kept up to date.

It’s also a great place to check for current promotions. We will begin to focus on keeping our Promotions page more up to date for your reference.

Although every single item from these suppliers may not be listed for sale on our site at this moment, we have access to these vendors’ entire product lines.  Please just use the Quote Request form or Contact Us to inquire about products of interest not yet found on our site. We have begun to rapidly add new and existing products from out wonderful suppliers, so please check back in with our site often.

MTC Bio (MTC Bio Catalog)

Celltreat Scientific

Benchmark Scientific

Accuris Instruments