MAGic Clamp Magnetic Attachments


MAGic Clamp™ attachments for Benchmark Scientific orbital shakers and shaking incubators, including flask and microplate holders and tube racks.



MAGic Clamp Magnetic Attachments for Benchmark Scientific Orbital Shakers and Shaking Incubators.

The following MAGic Clamp magnetic attachments are available for use with the MAGic Clamp™ platform from Benchmark Scientific, which is an available upgrade on the following orbital shakers and shaking incubators: Orbi-Shaker JR, Orbi-Shaker, Orbi-Shaker XL, Orbi-Shaker CO2, Incu-Shaker Mini and Incu-Shaker 10 L:

3000 mL Flask (Benchmark Scientific cat # H1000-MR-3000)

2000 mL Flask (Benchmark Scientific cat # H1000-MR-2000)

1000 mL Flask (Benchmark Scientific cat # H1000-MR-1000)

500 mL Flask (Benchmark Scientific cat # H1000-MR-500)

250 mL Flask (Benchmark Scientific cat # H1000-MR-250)

125 mL Flask (Benchmark Scientific cat # H1000-MR-125)

50 mL Flask (Benchmark Scientific cat # H1000-MR-50)

One (1) Microplate (Benchmark Scientific cat # H1000-MR-MP)

30 x 15 mL and 20 x 50 mL conical tubes (Benchmark Scientific cat # H1000-MR-1550)

72 x 14 mm culture tubes (Benchmark Scientific cat # H1000-MR-T14)

32 x 15 mL conical tubes (Benchmark Scientific cat # H1000-MR-T15)

15 x 50 mL conical tubes (Benchmark Scientific cat # H1000-MR-T50)

4 x 500 mL or 600 mL (Benchmark Scientific cat # H1000-MR-T600)

12 x 1.5 / 2.0 mL tubes in horizontal orientation (Benchmark Scientific cat # H1000-MR-T15H)

4 x 15 mL conical tubes in horizontal orientation (Benchmark Scientific cat # H1000-MR-T150H)

2 x 50 mL conical tubes in horizontal orientation (Benchmark Scientific cat # H1000-MR-T500H)

Tilted holder for 15 mL and 50 mL tube racks (Benchmark Scientific cat # H1000-MR-TSR)

Use the chart below to determine the maximum amount of each clamp/tube rack that can fit with the specific platform and model you’re interested in.  Some magnetic attachments are too large for use with the smaller MAGic Clamp platforms:

Benchmark Scientific MAGic Clamp Magnetic Attachment Guide

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