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Morganville Scientific is a distributor of cell culture plastics and other lab disposables, small instruments and benchtop equipment, lab consumables, reagents, lab safety items and scientific lab supplies.  We distribute items manufactured by MTC BioCelltreat, Benchmark Scientific and Accuris Instruments.  Morganville Scientific is also able to acquire laboratory equipment and supplies from Eppendorf (please use our quote request form to inquire about Eppendorf products of interest).
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Some of our newly-added products:

Molecular Biology Grade Agarose LE Sale:

1,000 g (500 g x 2) for $300

Benchmark Scientific Agarose LE 500 g A1705
List Price $377.00/500 g
Regular discounted price $320.45/500 g


For every $250 of CELLTREAT Products purchased, choose 1 FREE offer below, or choose 4 when you spend $1,000:

1 Case 10mL Individually Wrapped Paper/Paper Pipets (229010B)

1 Case 9” Polypropylene Plasteur Pipet Individually Wrapped (229281)

1 Case 200μL Low Retention Filter Pipette Tips (229019)

1 Case 200μL Low Retention Pipette Tips (229034)

$25 Amazon Gift Card ($100 Amazon Gift Card with $1,000 purchase)

Offer valid in the U.S. only and void where prohibited by government, law or company policy. Offer valid for end-user customers only for orders from any CELLTREAT distributor, placed between 11/04/19 and 11/29/19. Allow 4 – 6 weeks for delivery of product. Limit 4 free cases and/or 4 $25 gift cards per lab. Offer does not apply to previous purchases and cannot be combined with any other CELLTREAT discounts or promotional offers. CELLTREAT reserves the right to substitute identical product packaged as alternative part numbers. Digital gift cards will be sent so be sure to include your current email address. Submission form must be received by December 13, 2019.

“These 225 ml bottles have proven to be a more durable alternative to Falcon 352075. They fit the same rotor. We often need to pellet 0.5-1L of culture into the same 225-ml bottle, requiring multiple spins. The Falcon bottles have a high failure rate in this application: after more than one spin, they tend to break at the seam along which they’re graduated. The Celltreat bottles don’t have that failure mode.”

-Harvard University Lab

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