Celltreat Flip Top Cap 15 mL Centrifuge Tubes Paperboard Rack


Celltreat Scientific 15 mL centrifuge tubes with flip-top caps, racked in paperboard racks. Sterile. 500 tubes/case. List Price $247.00.

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Celltreat Flip Top Cap 15 mL Centrifuge Tubes in Paperboard Racks.

Celltreat flip top cap 15 mL centrifuge tubes are a time saving option when repetitive opening and closing of conical tubes is required, like when staining cells for use in flow cytometry, for example.

Bold printed graduations, making it easy to see demarkations through dark colored media.  Large white marking area.

15 mL centrifuge tubes are manufactured of high quality polypropylene, providing excellent clarity, and green hinged top caps of HDPE.  15 mL hinged cap conical bottom tubes have a max Relative Centrifugal Force (RCF) of 9,400 x g and withstand temperatures ranging from -80°C up to 120°C.

Sterile.  Racked in recyclable paperboard racks, 25 tubes/rack, 2 racks/bag, 500 tubes/case.

Excellent cost saving alternative to Nunc™ EZFlip™ 15 mL Conical Centrifuge Tubes (Cat # 362695).

Celltreat Cat # 229416.

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Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 13 × 12 in