Celltreat Round Bottom 3.6 mL Cryovials Internal Threads


Celltreat FREEZE round bottom 3.6 mL cryovials with internal threads. Working volume of 3.6 mL. Sterile. Caps contain silicone O-rings. For use in gas phase liquid nitrogen (-196°C). 100 vials/case. List Price $91.00.

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Celltreat FREEZE round bottom 3.6 mL cryovials with internal threads.  Use these cryogenic vials to store mammalian cells in gas phase liquid nitrogen (-196°C), for example.

Threads on the inside of the cryocap help prevent contamination.

Celltreat internally-threaded screw top cryovials have a working volume of 3.6 mL, are graduated up to 3.6mL in 0.1mL increments, have bold graduations and a white marking area.

Cryovials are made of polypropylene, are sterile, autoclavable, DNase- and RNase-free and nonpyrogenic.  Caps have ridges that make opening and closing cryovials easier, and contain silicone O-rings that produce tight seals.

Vials come packed in self-standing resealable bag, 100 vials/case.

Celltreat catalog # 229916.

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