Celltreat 3 L Plastic Fernbach Culture Flask


3 L plastic Fernbach flask for shaking suspension cultures. List Price $317.00 (plain bottoms), $319.00 (baffled bottoms).



3 L plastic Fernbach culture flask for shaking suspension cultures.

Celltreat Scientific brand 3 L plastic Fernbach culture flask has vented screw top caps (included) that allow for sterile exchange of gas.  Wide 70 mm openings makes filling easier.  4000 mL capacity.  Made of high clarity, autoclavable polycarbonate.  Sterile.  Graduated.  Individually packaged.  4/case.

Available with plain (flat) or baffled flask bottoms (indentations in the plastic that help better mix and aerate the culture); select in the dropdown menu.

These shaker flasks are priced well enough to be disposable, and cost effective as there’s no need to spend time washing them, but also reusable as they’re autoclavable.  Durable and do not break like glass suspension culture flasks.

Use to culture bacteria like E. coli using a shaking incubator, for example.

Excellent cost saving alternative to Corning® 3L Polycarbonate Fernbach Flask with Vent Cap (Cat # 431252 & 431253).

Non-vented caps as well as additional vented caps available.

Fernbach flasks have larger shaped bases that provide a greater media surface area for better gas exchange inside the flask.  Erlenmeyer flasks are taller and narrower and allow more flasks to fit in the confined space of a shaking incubator.

Celltreat Cat # s 229870 (plain bottoms), 229875 (baffled bottoms).

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