Celltreat Permeable Cell Culture Inserts 3 um Polyethylene 6 Well


PET (polyethylene) permeable cell culture inserts with 3 um pore size for 6 well plates. Inserts come pre-inserted into 6 well plates and individually-packed. 12 inserts/case. List Price $79.00.



PET (polyethylene) Permeable Cell Culture Inserts with 3 um pore size for 6 well plates.

Permeable cell culture inserts mimic in vivo cell growth conditions, in vitro. They are helpful experimentally when examining drug transfer, cell transport, cell migration and cell:cell interactions, for example.
Per ThermoFisher Scientific:
  • PC permeable cell culture inserts provide for excellent cell attachment and growth.
  • PET permeable cell culture inserts are most ideal for culturing cells to be fluorescently imaged (i.e. provide for better image quality).
  • Both PC and PET permeable cell culture inserts are good for barrier assays (which measure cell transport).

Inserts are suspended (hanging); they are centered and not touching the sides of the well; they sit just above the bottom of the well, allowing for growth of a cell monolayer.

Insert is made of polyethylene (PET), plate is made of polystyrene.

Inserts come pre-inserted into tissue culture treated 6 well plates, which are individually-packed. Untreated 6 Well Cell Culture Plates may also be purchased separately for your experimentation involving permeable cell culture inserts.

Sterile, DNase and RNase free and non-pyorgenic.

6 inserts/plate, 2 plates/case, (12) 3 um PET permeable cell culture inserts/case.

Celltreat catalog # 230609.

→Use 3 um pore size cell culture inserts for experiments related to the following studies. This chart comes from, and these recommendations are suggested by, ThermoFisher Scientific and can be found here→ThermoFisher Scientifc:

Cell culture insert applications 0.4µm  3µm  8µm
Transport studies

  • Molecules including hormones and growth factors
  • Drug transport across epithelial (Caco-2) and endothelial barriers
  • Drug transport across brain microvascular endothelial cells
Transport studies co-cultivation studies

  • Cell-cell interaction
  • Cell-substrate interaction
Tissue engineering

  • Angiogenesis
  • Dermal/epidermal and epithelial tissue models
Chemotaxis studies

  • Migration of cells including eosinophils and macrophages
Invasion studies

  • Tumor invasion and metastasis models
  • Invasion inhibitors
  • Extra cellular matrix effects

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