Celltreat 5.75 in Plasteur Pipets Polystyrene


5.75 in polystyrene disposable Pasteur pipets for aspirating. Individually-wrapped (200/case) or Bulk-packed (500/case). List Price $87.00 (individually-wrapped), $188.00 (bulk-packed).

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Disposable 5.75 in Plasteur Pipets, polystyrene Pasteur Pipets. Use in place of the standard easily breakable glass Pasteur pipettes to aspirate cell culture media, for example.

Celltreat Scientific Plasteur® plastic Pasteur pipets are made of polystyrene and eliminate the need to sterilize glass Pasteur pipettes for use during tissue culture.

5.75 inch length. Sterile. Not graduated. No cotton plug.

Available individually wrapped, 200/case (50/bag) or bulk-packed, 500/case (25/bag).

Equivalent replacement with added convenience and safety for Fisherbrand™ Pasteur Pipets (Cat # 22-042-816).

Celltreat Cat # 229270 (individually-wrapped), 229275 (bulk-packed).

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