Celltreat 10 mL Open End Serological Pipettes


Open-ended 10 mL serological pipettes for viscous solutions.  200/case (individually wrapped), 500/case (bulk packed). List Price $95.00 (individually-wrapped), $216.00 (bulk-packed).

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10 mL Open End Serological Pipettes for Viscous Solutions.

Celltreat Scientific 10 mL open end serological pipettes are made of high clarity polystyrene with bold graduations, allowing the user to clearly see demarcations through dark-colored media and reagents.

The open end allows the user to fill and empty highly viscous substances (e.g. glycerol) quickly, saving time and preventing damage to the electronic pipet aid.

Available individually-wrapped in paper and plastic, 50 pipettes/bag, 200/case, or bulk-packed, 25 pipettes/bag, 500/case, (select in the drop-down menu above).

Standard direction graduations (i.e. 0 mL to 9 mL, top to bottom) and reverse graduations (i.e. 10 mL to 1 mL, top to bottom).  Negative graduations through 3 mL (i.e. extra capacity above the 10 mL fill line).  0.1 mL increments.

Filter plug.  Color-coded Orange.  Gamma sterilized.

Celltreat Cat # 229224B (individually-wrapped), 229244 (bulk-packed).

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