Celltreat T182 Cell Culture Flasks Deep Volume


T182 Deep volume tissue culture treated flasks (deeper profile than standard flasks). Allows for the addition of more cell culture media than a standard depth flask. 700 mL capacity. 40/case. A.k.a. “Weekend Flasks.” List Price $284.00.

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Deep Volume Tissue Culture Treated T182 Cell Culture Flasks (T182 Flasks). Allows for the addition of more cell culture media than a standard depth flask. Has a larger surface area than standard T175 flask, allowing for additional cell growth.

Also know as a “Weekend Flask.”

Celltreat Scientific T182 cell culture flasks (T182 flasks) with 0.22 um vented caps for air exchange. TC treated surface for growing adherent cell types.  Graduation marks (at 25 mL increments).  Frosted writing area.

182 cm² growth area.  700 mL capacity.  Sterile and non-pyrogenic.  Made of high quality, crystal clear polystyrene.  40/case.  5 flasks/resealable bag, 8 bags/case.

Use cell culture flasks for maintaining cell lines, for example.

Excellent cost saving alternative to Greiner Bio-One Cellstar® Tissue Culture Treated T-175 Flasks (Cat # 661175 & 661160).

Celltreat catalog # 229381.

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 23 × 11 in