Celltreat 96 Well Round Bottom Cell Culture Plates


Tissue culture treated cell culture plates, 96 well, with round bottom wells. 0.33 cm² cell culture surface area. 100 plates/case. List Price $311.00.



Round Bottom Cell Culture Plates, 96 Well, Tissue Culture Treated.

Celltreat Scientific 96 well cell culture plates are sterile and non-pyrogenic and made of high quality, crystal clear polystyrene.  Round well bottoms with TC treated surfaces for growing adherent cell types.

Non-reversible lids prevent accidental contamination; condensation rings help prevent evaporation of cell culture media from culture wells. 0.33 cm² cell culture surface area/well.

Sterile, DNase and RNase free and non-pyrogenic. 100 plates/case.

Use round bottom 96-well multiwell plates to culture cells that need to be spun down and pelleted, for example.

Excellent cost saving alternative to Corning Costar® 96-well round bottom cell culture plates (Cat # 3799) purchased through Fisher Scientific (Cat # 07-200-95).

Celltreat catalog # 229190.

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 17 × 11 in