Celltreat Round Bottom Untreated 96 Well Plates


Nontreated, round bottom multiwell plates, 96 well. Available with or without lids. 100 plates/case. List Price $310.00 (with lids), $275.00 (without lids).

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Round Bottom Untreated 96 Well Plates for Cell Culture. Use round bottom, untreated multi well plates for culturing cells that need to be spun down and pelleted, for example.

Celltreat Scientific round bottom untreated 96 well plates are sterile and non-pyrogenic and made of high quality, crystal clear polystyrene.  Round well bottoms with non-treated surfaces for cell types that require only passive or no attachment to the plate surface.

Non-reversible lids (to prevent accidental contamination) with condensation rings (to help prevent evaporation).  Available with or without lids (select in dropdown menu).

Media working volume of 50-300 uL. 0.33 cm² cell culture surface area.

Sterile. Individually packaged, 50 plates/sleeve, 2 sleeves/case.  100 plates/case.

Excellent cost saving alternative to BD Falcon® 96 Well Round Bottom Not Treated Multiple Well Plates (Cat # 351177).

Celltreat Cat # 229590 (with lids), 229591 (without lids).

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