12 x 75 mm Culture Tubes Polypropylene


Polypropylene (PP) 12 x 75 mm round bottom culture tubes with two position snap cap. 1000 tubes/case. List Price $127.97 (packed 25 tubes/bag), $112.35 (packed 125 tubes/bag).

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12 x 75 mm Polypropylene (PP) Culture Tubes, Round Bottom, with Two Position Snap Caps.

Use to culture bacteria in suspension. Two-position snap cap allows for both aerobic (loose) and anaerobic (tight) culturing conditions.

12 x 75 mm culture tubes are sterile, DNase and RNase free.  Disposable.  5 mL capacity.  Graduations through 4 mL.  White writing block.

Tubes are made of polypropylene and caps of polyethylene.  Able to withstand centrifugal forces of 4,000 x g and temperatures of -190°C to 120°C.

Available packaged 25/bag or 125/bag.  1000 tubes/case.

Coat saving equivalent replacement for BD Falcon™ Round-Bottom Tubes (Cat # 352063).

MTC Bio Cat # T8301 (25 tubes/bag), T8320 (125 tubes/bag).

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25 tubes/bag, 125 tubes/bag