17 x 100 mm Culture Tubes Polypropylene


Polypropylene (PP) 17 x 100 mm round bottom culture tubes with two position snap cap.  1000 tubes/case (packed 25/pack), 500 tubes/case (individually-wrapped). List Price $223.63 (25/pack), $171.60 (individually-wrapped).

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Polypropylene (PP) 17 x 100 mm Culture Tubes, Round Bottom, with Two Position Snap Caps.

Use to culture bacteria in suspension. Two-position snap cap allows for both aerobic (loose) and anaerobic (tight) culturing conditions.

17 x 100 mm culture tubes are sterile, DNase and RNase free.  Disposable.  14 mL capacity.  Graduations through 12 mL.  White writing block.

Tubes are made of polypropylene and caps of polyethylene.  Able to withstand centrifugal forces of 4,000 x g and temperatures of -190°C to 120°C.

Available packaged as 25/pack, 40 packs per case, 1000 tubes/case or or individually wrapped, 500 tubes/case.

Coat saving equivalent replacement for BD Falcon™ Round-Bottom Tubes (Cat # 352059 & 352006).

MTC Bio Cat # T8235 (25/pack), T8260 (individually-wrapped).

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