DuoClick 2-Position 5 mL Screw Cap Culture Tubes


MTC Bio two-position screw cap culture tubes with 5 mL capacity. Available sterile (bagged, racked, individually-wrapped) and non-sterile (bulk-packed).

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DuoClick 2-position 5 mL Screw Cap Culture Tubes from MTC Bio.  1/4 turn clicks cap into position for aerobic growth conditions; 1/2 turn clicks cap into position for anaerobic growth conditions.

DuoClick™ culture tubes eliminate the hassle of snapping and unsnapping traditional culture tubes.

5 mL screw cap culture tubes measure 12 x 75 mm and have printed graduations at 0.1 mL increments (also available without graduations).  Culture tubes have flat caps that are markable and a large white marking area on the side of the tube.  They are made of polypropylene and have a max relative centrifugal force (RCF) of 4,000 x g.

Screw cap culture tubes are available as follows:

Sterile with attached caps, graduated, packed in bags (25 tubes/bag, 20 bags/case), 500 tubes/case (MTC Bio cat # T8730)

Sterile with attached caps, graduated, racked in foam racks (50 tubes/rack, 10 racks/case), 500 tubes/case (MTC Bio cat # T8732)

Sterile with attached caps, graduated, individually-wrapped, 500 tubes/case (MTC Bio cat # T8734)

Non-sterile with separated caps, non-graduated, bulk-packed, 1000 tubes/case (MTC Bio cat # T8750)

Please note that caps screw on clockwise and screw off counter-clockwise as any other normal tube. Video below incorrectly shows tubes screwing on counter-clockwise.

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Sterile, packed in bags (500/case), Sterile, racked in foam (500/case), Sterile, individually-wrapped (500/case), Non-sterile, bulk-packed (1000/case)