5 mL MacroTube Centrifuge Adaptor


Adaptor allows accommodation of MTC Bio’s 5 mL MacroTubes in centrifuge rotors or rotor buckets designed for 15 mL conical tubes. List price $46.80.

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5 mL MacroTube centrifuge adaptor for 15 mL conical tube accommodating centrifuges.

5 mL MacroTube centrifuge adaptor is designed to allow 5 mL macrotube Five-O™ screw cap tubes from MTC Bio to be spun in 15 mL centrifuge rotors or bucket rotors.

Adaptors allow 5 mL MacroTubes to be properly cushioned in centrifuge rotor, allowing tubes to withstand force up to 25,000 x g.

5 mL macrotubes have 16 mm tube outer diameter (OD), which is the same OD as standard 15 mL conical tubes.

4 adaptors/pack.

MTC Bio Catalog # C2570.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 4 in