Black 5 mL Snap Cap Centrifuge Tubes


Opaque black 5 mL snap cap MacroTubes. Non-sterile, packed in bags. DNase and RNase free. 200 tubes/pack. Compatible with standard centrifuges and rotors. List Price $44.50.

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MTC Bio MacroTube Opaque Black 5 mL Snap Cap Centrifuge Tubes.

Black 5 mL snap cap centrifuge tubes from MTC Bio.  Perfect choice for protecting samples and reagents from light.

Opaque 5 mL macrotubes are much more convenient to use than 15 mL tubes when working with smaller volumes.  Reduces plastic waste, saves storage space and shipping costs.  Use of short 5 mL conical tube (54 mm) reduces chance of contamination from pipettor shaft compared to use of 15 mL tube (120 mm).  Easily open and close snap cap with one hand.  Syringe port present in snap cap.

Certified DNase and RNase free.  Low binding.  Made of high clarity virgin polypropylene.  Temperature use range of -86°C to 80°C.  For boiling, cap lock clips are recommended to maintain cap seal.  Graduated at 1 mL, 0.5 mL and 0.2 mL increments.

Black 5 mL snap cap MacroTubes withstand force up to 25,000 x g (when properly cushioned in centrifuge rotor).  16 mm tube outer diameter (OD) is the same OD as standard 15 mL conical tubes, allowing centrifugation in centrifuge rotors designed for 15 mL tubes (cushion adapters for 15 mL tube rotor available for purchase).

Non-sterile, packed in bags, 50 tubes/bag, 4 bags/pack, 200 tubes/pack.

Cap lock clips, custom workstation rack, freezer boxes, minicentrifuge to fit 5 mL snap cap centrifuge tubes and color tinted and transparent (sterile and non-sterile) 5 mL snap cap centrifuge tubes also available for purchase.

MTC Bio Catalog # C2500-OB.

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