Stop Pop Locking Clips for MTC Bio 1.5 mL Minicentrifuge Tubes


MTC Bio Stop-Pop™ Locking Clips prevent popping open of 1.5 mL minicentrifuge tubes during heating. 100 locking clips/pack. List Price $26.75.

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MTC Bio 1.5 mL Stop Pop Locking Clips with breakaway lifting tabs.

Stop Pop Locking Clips are for use with 1.5 mL mincentrifuge tubes.  Use Stop-Pops™ to prevent 1.5 mL minicentrifuge tubes from popping open during heating / boiling.

MTC Bio Stop-Pop Locking Clips contains a built in lifting tab, making it easier to remove a hot mincentrifuge tube from a dry bath or boiling water bath.

100 Stop-Pop locking clips/pack.

MTC Bio Catalog # C2086.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 7 × 4 in