Dome Top PCR Tubes Individual


0.2 mL dome top individual microcentrifuge tubes.  1,000 tubes/pack or 10,000 tubes/case. List Price $46.00 (pack), $460.00 (case).

10% discount per pack when purchased in case quantity.

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Individual Dome Top PCR Tubes for Amplification of DNA.

Dome top PCR tubes are thin walled for efficient heat transfer in the thermocycler during polymerase chain reactions.  Made of high quality polypropylene, providing good clarity.  Easy to open and close.

These 0.2 mL microcentrifuge tubes are sterile, DNAse and RNase free.  Available in pack or case size, 1,000 tubes/pack or 10,000 tubes/case.

Excellent alternative to USA Scientific® PCR tubes (Cat # 1602-4300, 1402-4300 and 1402-4308).

Discount on case quantity.

MTC Bio Cat # P3040.

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