Vornado Mini Vortex Mixer


The Vornado™ mini vortex mixer is small, powerful, quiet, stable and touch-activated. It comes in 5 colors: Gray, Blue, Green, Purple and Red. List Price $229.09.

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The Vornado Mini Vortex Mixer is the smallest and lease expensive of the Benchmark Scientific mixers and comes in five colors.

The Vornado vortexer is available in the following colors: Gray, Blue, Green, Purple and Red.

The Vornado vortex mixer has a small footprint, conserving space on the lab bench, measuring just 3.7 x 3.9 in (9.4 x 9.9 cm). It weighs only 1 lb (0.45 kg).

Quiet operation and stable on the bench despite that it is powerful enough to vortex an almost-full 50 mL conical tube.

Sensitive touch operation: Just gently press the tube onto the cup head to begin mixing; remove it to stop operation.

It revolves at 2,800 rpm and has a 4 mm orbit.

Head is designed such that liquid won’t enter the motor and damage it.

100-240 V. 50-60 Hz. 50 W.

2 year warranty.

Benchmark Scientific cat # BV101 (gray cup head), BV101-B (blue cup head), BV101-G (green cup head), BV101-P (purple cup head), BV101-R (red cup head).

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Gray, Blue, Green, Purple, Red