MyBath 12 L WaterBath


Benchmark Scientific large-sized MyBath 12 L waterbath. Digital. Accurate. Easy to clean. Hinged and removable lid. Drain for easy water changes.  List Price $1432.82.

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The MyBath 12 L WaterBath is a large-sized laboratory water bath that has digital control and display and a drain for easy water changes.

A variety of stainless steel racks that accommodate 1.5 mL minicentrifuge tubes and 15 and 50 mL conical tubes are available for purchase for use with this water bath model.
This is the largest of the Benchmark Scientific water baths.

The MyBath™ water bath has good temperature stability and uniformity (±0.2°C at 37°C) across the water chamber, and the easy Quik-CAL™ calibration system keeps temperatures accurate (±0.5°C).

The MyBath 12 L waterbath has a temperature range of ambient temp + 5°C to 100°C and is adjustable in 0.1ºC increments on a 3-digit digital display.

Seamless stainless steel chamber that has rounded corners on the inside so that it is easy to clean thoroughly.

See-through lid is hinged so that it can be flipped up and left open, so that it doesn’t have to be set on the lab bench. It is also removable. Lid is arched so that water condensation falls towards the front and back of the chamber and not onto sample vessels in the center. Hole in lid with rubber fitting for placement of thermometer.

Exterior dimensions of the unit are (w x d x h): 10.7 x 17.5 x 16.2 in (27 x 45 x 41 cm).

Dimensions of the chamber are (w x d x h): 12.8 x 10.4 x 7.9 in (32.5 x 26.4 x 20 cm).

Weighs 17 lbs (8 kg).

115 V. 50-60 Hz.

2 year warranty.

Benchmark Scientific Cat # B2000-12.

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 20 × 19 in