Celltreat 2 mL Aspirating Pipets


2 mL aspirating pipettes for cell culture. List Price $100.00 (bulk-packed), List Price $100.00 (individually-wrapped). Sterile. 400/case.

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2 mL Aspirating Pipets for removing cell culture media from flasks and culture dishes, for example.

Celltreat Scientific 2 mL aspirating pipets are disposable and made of USP Class VI polystyrene.  Not graduated and no cotton plugs.

Available bulk-packed, 25/bag, 400/case or individually-wrapped, 100/bag, 400/case (select in the dropdown menu).

Cost saving alternative to BD Falcon® 2 mL Aspirating Pipets (Cat # 357558).

Celltreat Cat # 229252 (bulk-packed) & 229262 (individually-wrapped).

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