Celltreat 2 mL Aspirating Pipets


2 mL aspirating pipettes for cell culture. List Price $73.00 (individually-wrapped), $77.00 (bulk-packed).

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2 mL aspirating pipettes for cell culture.

Celltreat Scientific brand aspirating pipettes are disposable and made of USP Class VI polystyrene.  Not graduated and no cotton plugs.

Use to aspirate media from tissue culture flasks during cell culture, for example.

Available bulk-packed (50/bag, 8 bags/case) or individually-wrapped (100/bag, 4 bags/case), both are sterile; select in the dropdown menu.


Cost saving alternative to BD Falcon® 2 mL Aspirating Pipets (Cat # 357558).

Celltreat Cat # 229262 (individually-wrapped) & 229252 (bulk-packed).

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