Celltreat 2000 mL Untreated Plastic Roller Bottle


Non treated 2000 mL roller bottles for suspension culture.  12/case. List Price $114.00.

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2000 mL, 850 cm2 untreated plastic roller bottles for suspension culture.

Celltreat Scientific untreated plastic roller bottles have a 2000 mL capacity and a 850 cm2 surface area.  Sterile.  Disposable.  Non-vented caps.  Bold printed graduations (in 50 mL incriments), making it easy to see demarkations through dark colored media.

2000 mL untreated roller bottles are made of USP Class VI polystyrene for suspension culture cell growth.

Individually packaged.  12/case.

Use for large scale growth, industrial scale production of suspension culture cell types in roller bottle systems, for example.

Excellent cost saving alternative to Corning® 850 cm2 Not Treated Polystyrene Roller Bottles (Cat # 431644).

1000 mL (Cat # RBS0400) untreated roller bottles and tissue culture treated 490 cm2 (Cat # RBS0100), 850 cm2 (Cat # RBS0200) and 1900 cm2 expanded surface roller bottles (Cat # RBS0300) also available.

Celltreat cat # 229584.

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