Large Bowtie Biohazard Bags


12-16 gal capacity biohazard bags with easy-to-close drawstrings make them easy to remove from bin and hot autoclave. Autoclavable with sterilization indicator. Fit well in Bowtie biohazard bin (sold separately here). 100 bags/case. List Price $159.43.

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Large size Bowtie Biohazard Bags have a bowtie drawstring that make them easy to tie up and remove from the biohazard bin for safe, hassle-free disposal.

They are autoclavable and have a color changing indicator on them that indicates proper sterilization has occured.

The bowtie drawstring also allows for safe and easy removal of the bag and contents from the hot autoclave, and when tied, leaves a small opening so that steam generated during autoclaving can escape the bag.

100 bags/case.

Bowtie™ biohazard bags fit well in this Bowtie biohazard disposal bin.

Bowtie biohazard bags have a 12-16 gallon capacity (45-61 L) and measure 25 x 35 inches (64 x 89 cm).

They are made of 2.25 mil HDPE.  They have a large white marking area. Autoclavable at 121° C.

MTC Bio cat # A8001R.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 10 × 5 in