30 mm Triangle Cell Spreaders


Sterile 30 mm Cell Spreaders. Disposable and autoclavable. 10 spreaders/paper plastic peel, 10 paper plastic peels/pack, 100 spreaders/pack. List Price $82.80.

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30 mm Triangle Cell Spreaders for Spreading Bacteria.

30 mm triangle cell spreaders measure 30 mm x 207 mm.  Made of polypropylene and autoclavable.  Blade edge is smooth to prevent gouging of agar medium and is angled to make plate spreading more comfortable.

Disposable, sterile and packaged 10 spreaders per sterile peel bag, 10 bags/pack.  100 spreaders/pack.

Use in the microbiology lab to evenly plate bacteria on an agar medium.  Priced low enough to eliminate the use of metal cell spreaders with flame sterilization.

Excellent cost saving alternative to Fisher Scientific Fisherbrand™ Cell Spreaders (Cat # 08-100-12 and 08-100-10).

MTC Bio Cat # M5451.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 in