SureStrain 40 um Cell Strainers


MTC Bio 40 um cell strainers. Prevent airlock. Attach to 50 mL tubes. Reducing adaptor allows use with 15 mL tubes. Stackable. Sterile. List Price $109.00.

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MTC Bio SureStrain 40 um Cell Strainers.

Premium SureStrain 40 um cell strainers ensure fast flow-through, allow good air flow and prevent clogging and spilling during cell isolation.  Cell strainers interlock and stack, allowing tiered filtration.  Individually wrapped and sterile.  Free of DNase, RNase, pyrogens and cytotoxins.

Attach to 50 mL conical tubes.  Use with 15 mL conical tubes with reducing adaptor.  Prevent Airlock (see video below).

Polypropylene frame with nylon mesh.  Molded grip for aseptic handling.  Blue in color.

Use to prepare cells for flow cytometry, for example.  Excellent replacement for Falcon™ 40 um Cell Strainers (cat # 352340).

50 strainers/pack1 reducing adaptor/pack.  Reducing adaptors also available for purchase in bulk.

MTC Bio Catalog # C4040.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 5 in