SureStand Pipette Stand 5 Pipettes Up to 2 MultiChannel Pipettes


MTC Bio 5-place Surestand Pipette Stand accommodates 5 single-channel pipettes, 4 single-channel pipettes and 1 multi-channel pipette or 3 single-channel pipettes and 2 multi-channel pipettes (8-channel or 12-channel).

Universal fit (fits most popular brands of pipettors). Pipettors stay in place. Stand is stable (made of thick acrylic). List Price $90.72.

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5 place SureStand Universal Pipette Stand for Single Channel, 8 Channel and 12 Channel Pipettors.

The SureStand™ Pipette Stand from MTC Bio is stable; pipettes don’t fall off easily like other stands used in the lab (pipettes are secured at two points). The SureStand accommodates all popular brands of pipettors such as Rainin and Eppendorf, in addition to MTC Bio Propette LE pipettors.

The 5-place Surestand Pipette Stand accommodates 5 single channel pipettes, 4 single channel pipettes and 1 multi-channel pipette or 3 single channel pipettes and 2 multi-channel pipettes.

Sturdy: Made of  5mm thick acrylic, which is 40% thicker than other pipette stands. Non slip rubber feet.

SureStand Pipette Stands are also available with 3 places (holds up to 1 multichannel pipettor) and 6 places (holds up to 3 multichannel pipettors).

MTC Bio Catalog # P4405.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in