ASPIR-8 10 mL Reagent Reservoirs White


MTC Bio ASPIR™-8 10 mL pipette reservoirs for use with 8-channel multichannel pipettes. Bulk-packed, packed 5/pack or individually-wrapped. Sterile or non-sterile. List Prices $111.28.

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ASPIR-8 10 mL reagent reservoirs for use with 8-channel multichannel pipettes.

ASPIR-8™ 10 mL reagent reservoirs have a 10 mL capacity; they are white in color and available sterile and non-sterile.  Multichannel reservoirs are graduated at 5 mL and 1 mL increments.

Solution reservoirs are made of medical grade, rigid polystyrene, are disposable and have indented, dripless corners to prevent spills while pouring off excess reagent from the reservoir.  They do not get stuck together when removing the reservoirs from the stack.  Sterile reservoirs are free of DNase, RNase and pyrogens.

Pipette reservoirs are available bulk packed, non-sterile (300/pack), packed 5/bag, sterile (40 bags/pack, 200/pack) or individually-wrapped, sterile (100/pack).

Use pipette reservoirs to pipette washing buffer into a 96 well ELISA plate, or to add mastermix to a plate of PCRs, for example.

Excellent cost saving alternative to 10 mL VistaLab Technologies™ Reagent Reservoirs (40541012, 30542012, 30542013) available through Fisher Scientific (21-381-094, 21-381-092, 21-381-093).

MTC Bio cat # P8010 (bulk-packed), P8010-5S (5/bag), P8010-1S (individually-wrapped).

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