Medium Square Weigh Boats 80 mm


Medium polystyrene weighing dishes, 80 mm x 80 mm.  Available in black or white.  500/pack. List Price $69.60.

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Medium Square Weigh Boats, 80 mm x 80 mm.

Medium square weigh boats have a 100 mL capacity, are antistatic and disposable.  Rounded corners to make pouring powder, granules or liquids easier.

Weighing boats are thicker and more rigid than the lower quality weigh boats commonly available, preventing spills, but yet still flexible enough to fold and pour.

Resistant to temperatures up to 90°C as well as weak acids and bases, and alcohols.  They can also be used as freezing trays.

Available in black (to provide contrast against white powders) or white.  500/pack.

Excellent cost saving alternative to VWR® (Cat # 89106-766 and 89106-768) and Fisher Scientific Fisherbrand™ (Cat # 008-732-113 and 08-732-114) Antistatic Polystyrene Weighing Dishes.

MTC Bio Cat # B6002W (white), B6002B (black).

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