Agarose 3:1 Blended Agarose


Molecular biology grade blended agarose, 100g. List Price $295.61.

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Molecular biology grade blended agarose, 100g.

Blended agarose is composed of 75% Agarose LM and 25% Agarose LE.  Benchmark Scientific Agarose 3:1 gels quicker, runs faster & produces high resolution across a wider range of fragment sizes than Agarose HR and is also stronger than Agarose LM.  Blended agarose has been successfully used with analytical methods such as Northern and Southern blotting.

Agarose 3:1 has low EEO (electroendosmosis, ≤0.1), allowing for sharp DNA banding and high resolution during nucleic acid electrophoresis.  Organic solvent, DNase, RNase, and protease free.

Benchmark Scientific Catalog # A1801-31.

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