Hybex Media Storage Bottles


Hybex™ media storage bottles, 50 mL to 2,000 mL sizes. Blue, green, purple, white and yellow cap colors available. Red high temperature caps also available.



Hybex Media Storage Bottles.

Hybex media storage bottles are an excellent alternative to Kimax, Pyrex and VWR brand storage bottles.

Made of high quality borosilicate glass (coefficient of thermal expansion, 3.3), which can withstand temperatures ranging from -70° C to 500° C.  Standard caps and seal rings are made of polypropylene and resist temperatues up to 140° C.  Use in freezers, microwaves, autoclaves and dry heat chambers.  Excellent chemical resistance.

Use to store media and lab solutions.  Each bottle includes a seal ring for a clean drip free pour.

The following Hybex™ media storage bottles and replacement items are available:

50 mL (Benchmark Scientific cat # B3000-50), 10/pack

100 mL (Benchmark Scientific cat # B3000-100), 10/pack

250 mL (Benchmark Scientific cat # B3000-250), 10/pack

500 mL (Benchmark Scientific cat # B3000-500), 10/pack

1000 mL (Benchmark Scientific cat # B3000-1000), 10/pack

2000 mL (Benchmark Scientific cat # B3000-2000), 5/pack

Mixed-size Starter Pack (2 x 100 mL, 3 x 250 mL, 3 x 500 mL, 2 x 1000 mL) (Benchmark Scientific cat # B3000-SP), 10/pack

Replacement Caps for 50 mL bottles, GL32 (Benchmark Scientific cat # B3000-CAP2), 10/pack

Replacement Caps for 100-2000 mL bottles, GL45 (Benchmark Scientific cat # B3000-CAP), 10/pack

High Temperature Caps, GL45 (Benchmark Scientific cat # B3000-CAP-HTC); made of PBT plastic (polybutylene terephthalate), are red in color, resist temperatures up to 180° C.  Available additionally for all size bottles except 50 mL10/pack

Replacement Sealing Rings for 50 mL bottles, GL32 (Benchmark Scientific cat # B3000-RIN2), 10/pack

Replacement Sealing Rings for 100-2000 mL bottles, GL45 (Benchmark Scientific cat # B3000-RIN), 10/pack

The following cap colors are available: blue, green, purple, white, yellow, assorted colors (two of each color).

50 mL bottle size only come with blue caps. Please select “Blue” as cap color.

Note: If purchasing replacement sealing rings, select “N/A” as cap color.

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