SureSeal S 1.5 mL Minicentrifuge Tubes Sterile Clear


MTC Bio SureSeal S™ 1.5 mL centrifuge tubes. Sterile. Clear. Self-standing bags. 10 Stop-Pop cap locks in each pack. 500 tubes/pack. List Price $17.01.

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SureSeal S 1.5 mL Minicentrifuge Tubes, Sterile, Clear.

MTC Bio SureSeal S 1.5 mL minicentrifuge tubes come sterile and packed in a self standing bag.  Also included in each pack are 10 Stop-Pops™ cap locks, that lock the microtube cap closed so that they do not pop open during heating / boiling.

SureSeal S™ 1.5 mL centrifuge tubes are manufactured in clean room conditions using Bioclear™ polypropylene and are DNase, RNase and pyrogen-free.  They have excellent clarity and withstand high centrifugal force (28,000 x g) and temperature (ranging from -90º C to 121º C).

500 tubes/pack.

MTC Bio Catalog # C2000.

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